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Dalmatia, Croatia — With its long, rugged coast, dotted with picture-perfect beaches backed by high mountains, and its hundreds of offshore islands, Dalmatia is becoming Europe's most popular vacation spot.

Florianópolis, Brazil — Explore this magical island city that is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and delicious cuisine.

Franschhoek, South Africa — A picturesque valley town steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking mountains and vineyards that produce the finest wines.

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Float across the Dead Sea for an exhilarating and therapeutic experience. The high salt concentration in the water can alleviate pain and improve skin conditions, while the buoyancy of the water allows for complete relaxation and stress relief.

Breakfast with giraffes in Nairobi, where these majestic creatures roam around the grounds, casually poking their long necks through the windows, giving you a warm and curious gaze and waiting to snack on the specially-prepared giraffe food.

Roam across the Camino del Norte for an epic and transformative journey that will take you through a stunning and rugged landscape, filled with history, culture, and natural beauty.

Ready for take off? Make your bucket list dreams come true by booking one of our trips designed by our travel experts, locals, or your favourite travel ambassadors. For any trip, you can fully customise the itinerary with the help of a Kindling travel consultant. You’ll be able to choose between 5 distinct comfort levels depending on your budget, preferences, and other needs.

Island hopping across Dalmatia — Immerse yourself in the alluring beauty and history of the Southern Dalmatian islands while gliding from one island to another in your own private boat.

Born to be wild — Meet the wildlife of the southern tip of Africa by travelling from Johannesburg through Limpopo province, famous for it's biodiversity and wilderness, and visiting Kruger National Park.

The diamond road — Uncover the mysteries of Chapada Diamantina, one of Brazil’s most breathtaking national parks, with gorgeous views, sparkling waterfalls, and a tumultuous history.

Lara Roadwalker

Permaculture blogger

Shannon Wild

Wildlife photographer

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Mestre Xuxo

Brazilian movement artist

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"From the moment you step off the plane, Croatia feels like a dream come true. Our trip around the islands was a magical journey – thrilled that we chose Kindling when we did."

Anouk Anansi

"The slow travel concept that Kindling is promoting is what appealed to me the most. I don’t want to have to rush to visit 5 islands in one day, I like to take my time and immerse myself in the atmosphere of each place. Getting a trip tailored to this travel style was worth every penny!

Kobus Olivier

The Kindling blog

Island hopping across Dalmatia — Learn all about why you should visit the enchanting islands of Dalmatia, a magical and mesmerising land that leaves a trace of eternity in your heart.

Love letter to Brazil — Discover ten amazing reasons why this vast, colourful, and powerful country should be next on your bucket list.

Interview with a capoeira master — Movement artist Mestre Xuxo talks about his love of movement and Brazil, but also about inequality and discrimination.

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