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The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

Where wilderness meets tradition

Explore the second largest and best-preserved delta in Europe, covering 2,200 square kilometers of enchanting landscapes. You'll encounter over 5,000 species of flora and fauna, take serene boat rides through intricate canals, and savour the charm of traditional fishing villages.

Discover the Danube Delta

River of gold

Get up close and personal with South Africa’s fastest, biggest and loudest creatures

Soar above untamed landscapes in a helicopter, encounter wildlife on game drives, and hunt for hidden treasures. Enjoy VIP treatment, luxury accommodations, and exquisite dining in a South African thrilling adventure.

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Island hopping across Dalmatia

Slow travel and immerse yourself in the Dalmatian islands' atmosphere in your own private boat

Discover hidden coves, savour local flavors, and bask in the warm Mediterranean sun as you create unforgettable moments at your leisure. This is not just a trip; it's a voyage through the heart and soul of Dalmatia, where tranquility and exploration coexist in perfect harmony.

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Cava retreat

Enjoy locally grown food with a view in a relaxing setting

On the beautiful Croatian island of Brač, savour the finest locally sourced cuisine while taking in the island's stunning northern views. Indulge in prime-quality locally grown delicacies as you unwind in the embrace of this relaxing haven, where every meal is a celebration of island life at its finest.

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Back to the roots

A captivating journey into Brazil's culture and traditions

Discover the vibrant heart of this enchanting land as you explore iconic destinations and embrace authentic cultural treasures like samba and capoeira. Let the rhythm of Brazil guide you through an unforgettable exploration of its wild and warm spirit, all under the expert guidance of local insiders.

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The analog nomad

Explore Brač island with cricket player Kobus Olivier and his four dogs

Join Kobus and his furry friends as they uncover hidden gems and pet friendly locations around the island with the help of their personal digital assistant. In the process, you'll find out how a digital assistant can make your life easier when travelling and keep your eyes free instead of glued to a screen.

Explore Brač island

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