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The Kindling ambassadors

Meet our travel ambassadors and learn more about the unique trips they created for you

Get more insight about our key values and what we're trying to achieve at Kindling.

The Kindling philosophy

Meet our Kindling ambassadors

Our Kindling ambassadors are a group of extraordinary individuals who help us carry the Kindling name into the world. We are immensely proud to be working with the world-famous movement artist Mestre Xuxo, the environmental activist Hannah Rudd and the wildlife film-maker Shannon Wild, amongst others.

But that's not all. We have asked each of our ambassadors to design an exclusive trip for Kindling. Find out more by visiting our trips page or clicking on the ambassador pages below.

Shannon Wild (Kindling ambassador)

An award-winning wildlife photographer, cinematographer and passionate conservationist, Shannon Wild has published multiple books, started her own film production company and works with various wildlife conservation organisations.

Learn more about Shannon Wild and her signature trip

Robert Poole (Kindling ambassador)

Robert Poole is a photojournalist who has travelled 160+ countries & written for a wide variety of magazines like CNN & The Wall Street Journal. He's currently on the road, capturing the world's natural wonders around the globe.

Learn more about Robert Poole and his signature trip

Lara Roadwalker (Kindling ambassador)

Lara Roadwalker is a permaculture and sustainability blogger from Brazil. After travelling extensively, she has recently retrained to become a software developer, proving that technology and care for our planet can go hand in hand.

Learn more about Lara Roadwalker and her signature trip

Mestre Xuxo (Kindling ambassador)

Mestre Xuxo, also known as Xuxo Na Voz, is a movement artist, capoeira master and musician. Born in the Brazilian favela, he has since travelled over 140 countries and continues to inspire thousands of people around the world.

Learn more about Mestre Xuxo and his signature trip

Hannah Rudd (Kindling ambassador)

Hannah Rudd is a marine biologist, solo travel lover and conservation activist. She's particularly passionate about shark preservation, has recently written her first book and is a firm believer in sustainable & socially responsible travel.

Learn more about Hannah Rudd and her signature trip

Abou Sidibé (Kindling ambassador)

Abou Sidibé is a Guinean dancer, choreographer and storyteller currently living in Brazil. He has opened his own culture center in São Paolo and continues to travel the world, sharing his culture with people around the globe.

Learn more about Abou Sidibé and his signature trip

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