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Göreme, Turkey © Christina Kuklina

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We are open to partnerships with travel ambassadors from all over the world who align with our values and want to contribute to our mission.

Meet our current Kindling ambassadors and read their stories.

Kindling ambassadors

Get more insight about our key values and what we're trying to achieve at Kindling.

The Kindling philosophy

Kindling is a decentralised travel company — but what does that mean? In the context of the travel industry, decentralisation can mean reducing the power of dominant players like large online travel agencies (OTAs) and empowering smaller, local players to compete and offer unique experiences to travelers.

How our business model works

Become a Kindling ambassador

Who are the Kindling ambassadors?

Kindling ambassadors are extraordinary individuals who help us carry the Kindling name into the world. You can be an environmental activist, a dance artist, a travel influencer, food blogger or simply a badass local who wants to share their favourite places and activities with travellers visiting their home city.

If you also believe that travel should be all about connecting travellers and locals over shared passions and unique experiences, you might just be the right fit for our ambassador programme!

As a Kindling ambassador, you will help us promote trips, activities or destinations to our travel community.

At this time, there are two ambassador programmes available - trip ambassador and destination ambassador.

Whether you are a travel influencer, a nature lover or a culinary expert, if you think your expertise can be utilised in designing a next level travel experience other people would also enjoy, then we would love to hear from you!

1. Trip ambassadors: We believe that the future of travel is passion-based, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for experienced travellers with niche interests to design unique trips for our users.

What we offer:

  • Step-by-step support in designing a trip that can be sold via our platform
  • A percentage of the profit every time somebody books a trip
  • Exposure on our travel platform and promotion on our social media

What the role involves:

  • Contribution of your expertise in designing a trip that you have either already done (and loved) or would love to do
  • Promotion of the trip via your social media

2. Destination ambassadors: Are you in love with your home city or region and would love to play a part in helping visitors connect to it on a deeper level? We are constantly on the lookout for local people who would like to promote their home city, home country or region by creating engaging content for a global audience.

What we offer:

  • Exposure on our travel platform and promotion on our social media
  • Free participation in select activities

What the role involves:

  • Creation of content to promote your destination
  • Active participation in travelpods connected to your destination