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Spanning an area of over 185 million km², Brazil is not only the largest but also the most diverse country in South America. Whether you want to get lost in the depths of the Amazon jungle, enjoy a caipirinha on one of its many beaches, dance the night away to the tunes of Samba or marvel at its breathtaking natural landscapes. This culturally rich and naturally diverse country will not only welcome you with open arms, but is sure to stay in your heart forever!


Articles, posts in Brazil

Kindling Ambassador Xuxo Na Voz (Mestre Xuxo)

Kindling Ambassador Xuxo Na Voz (also known as Mestre Xuxo) Bio Mestr...

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The age of the personal digital assistant is coming sooner than you think

As our reliance on technology and AI grows, it's important to take a step back an...

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Love letter to Brazil: Ten reasons this vast, colourful, powerful country should be next on your bucket list!

In this article, our formerly Austrian and soon to be Brazilian co-founder Agnes ...

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Back to the roots: A Brazil roundtrip designed by Kindling ambassador Mestre Xuxo

© Mestre Xuxo After traveling 143 countries, Kindling ambassador Mestre Xuxo has ...

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Interview With Capoeira Master And Movement Artist Mestre Xuxo (Part 2)

Mestre Xuxo, also known as Xuxo Na Voz, is a Brazilian capoeira master, movement ...

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Interview with the movement artist Mestre Xuxo (Part 1)

The movement artist Mestre Xuxo traveled to 140 countries with capoeira and has r...

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Meet inspiring Travelers: An interview with Motorbike Adventurer Simone

I met the motorbike traveller Simone, while she was passing through Florianópoli...

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