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Kindling is a decentralised travel company — but what does that mean? In the context of the travel industry, decentralisation can mean reducing the power of dominant players like large online travel agencies (OTAs) and empowering smaller, local players to compete and offer unique experiences to travelers.

How our business model works

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The Kindling philosophy

What is a comfort level?

The concept of “comfort level” was created by the Kindling team in order to provide a wider variety of accommodation options for travellers who want to go on the same trip, but have different needs when it comes to their desired comfort.

By choosing the comfort level that is most suitable to you, you will be able to enjoy the daily activities with the group, while every traveller will stay at the accommodation option that matches their comfort level. Our 6 comfort levels are explained below.

Comfort level What it means Budget needed
Comfort level 1 Be close to nature and sleep in a tent, a yurt, an igloo, a hammock, or out in the open (weather permitting of course) Small
Comfort level 2 Be close to nature but also benefit from a few amenities - this could be a campervan or a cabin in the woods where you make your own fire, or a co-living space Small
Comfort level 3 Have access to a private bedroom and private bathroom with hot water Medium
Comfort level 4 Have access to a range of amenities, such as a comfortable bed, quality linens, toiletries, Wi-Fi, and access to a pool and gym Medium
Comfort level 5 Have access to a wide range of amenities and services such as 24/7 room service, concierge service, in-room spa services, fitness centres, and swimming pools, all in a prime location Large
Comfort level 6 Get treated as a VIP Large

Benefits of joining our travelpods:

  • Connect with real people who share your interests and find your next travel companion
  • Get your travel questions answered directly by our local guides and travel experts
  • Speak to a travel consultant to customise and book your trip

Read more about the Kindling travelpods and why you should become a Kindling member.

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Kindling features

Kindling is a platform where travel lovers from all corners of the globe can connect, ignite their wanderlust, and book their dream trips, all in one place. Here’s a quick summary of everything you can do on Kindling and how our platform can bring value and enhance your travel experiences.

1. Destinations: Get inspired by browsing through our planet-wide selection of 200+ destinations

  • Use the filters to see destinations from the regions that interest you
  • Click to view more information about the destination and some of the cool things you can do there
Explore destinations

2. Bucket list: Explore our list of 150+ bucket list activities and create your personalised bucket list

  • Click the heart to save a particular bucket list experience to your own bucket list
  • Become a member of Kindling to save your bucket list and retrieve it later
  • You can find your bucket list under Menu > Join > My bucket list
  • Some bucket list activities are already part of a trip that you can book via Kindling
  • Very soon, you will also be able to book each of these experiences on their own
Create your bucket list

3. Trips: Book your dream trip via Kindling and customise it to your liking

  • Book a ready-made trip or get it fully customised by speaking to the dedicated travel consultant in the travelpod
  • For any trip, you’ll be able to choose between different comfort levels depending on your budget, preferences, and other needs
  • Go on a trip with your favourite travel ambassador - Book a Kindling signature trip designed by one of our ambassadors, get to meet them in person and participate in activities or workshops run by them
Book a trip

4. The Kindling travelpods: Connect with like-minded travellers, local guides, Kindling ambassadors, and travel experts

  • Become a member of our community by signing up to Kindling - we only ask for your name, email address, and a password
  • Create your personalised traveller profile by adding your profile photo, a descriptive bio, and listing the countries you have visited so far
  • Select your preferred privacy setting under Menu > Join > Settings
  • Click the heart on bucket list experiences and trips to save them to your personalised list and to be able to chat in the travelpods related to them

5. The Kindling blog:

Browse through our articles to learn more about different destinations, get travel tips and insights, and read cool interviews with our ambassadors and team members. We also discuss the future of travel and the impact of technology on our lives.

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Keep in mind that Kindling is currently in public beta, which means some parts of the app are still under development.

Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us grow and improve! If you notice any issues or know about any amazing places or activities that should be on our platform, don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.