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Together is a wonderful place to be © Felix Rostig

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"Kindling turned out to be a breath of fresh air! There's no annoying spam, the people on the app are super friendly, and the team is always quick to respond to any questions I have. I haven't actually gone on a trip through the app yet, but I'm definitely dreaming of island hopping in Dalmatia!

Nicola Everitt

Looking for an adventure? Book one of our unique trips designed by travel ambassadors and locals. Talk to a travel consultant in the travelpod to customise your itinerary.

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As you might have noticed while you browsed around our app, we have designed a series of original artworks related to slow travel in order to illustrate what Kindling is all about. Check out our art of slow travel gallery and see how you can support Kindling’s mission.

Art of slow travel gallery

What are the Kindling travelpods?

Are you an avid traveller looking to connect with like-minded adventurers and tap into the knowledge and experience of travel experts? Become a member of Kindling and join our travelpods to do all that and more!

The travelpods are where conversations start. They are safe spaces where you can talk to real people and make real connections. In a world where bots are starting to infiltrate every aspect of life, we make it a point to keep this space as human and as authentic as possible.

Each Kindling trip, bucket list idea, and destination has a travelpod linked to it where travellers can share their experiences related to that topic and get their questions answered by travel experts and local guides.

Why become a member of Kindling?

1. Real human connection

The travelpods are the perfect places to meet other travellers, share experiences, ask questions, and get insider tips from real people who have been there and done that.

2. Local knowledge and support

You'll have access to local knowledge and insights that can help you discover the best-kept secrets of any destination. Plus, with the support of our experienced team, you can customise your travel plans and book your dream trip seamlessly.

3. Find other travellers to join you on your adventures

Don’t want to go alone on your dream trip? Find other travellers who share the same bucket list and book a trip together. You can chat publicly in each travelpod or you can chat one-on-one if you both choose to.

4. A private community

When it comes to connecting with other travellers, in order to maintain full control of your privacy, you will be able to choose the setting that is best for you.

Privacy and visibility settings

After you join our platform, you can find your settings in Menu > Join > Settings

Option 1: Mutual connections only. You don’t see who is trying to connect with you unless you also want to connect with them (and vice versa). This will be the default setting for your account unless you decide to change it.

Option 2: See who wants to connect with you. You will get notified whenever someone wants to connect with you and you need to approve them before they can send you a message.

Option 3: Connect automatically. You allow anyone to connect with you automatically and allow them to message you without prior approval.

Why the hot air balloon?

We chose the hot air balloon as a symbol for the Kindling travelpods because it represents the concept of "slow travel", a more natural way to travel that aligns with our values.

A hot air balloon journey happens at a slow pace and comes with unpredictability, a unique perspective, and a sense of adventure. It reminds us to take it easy, go with the flow, bond with others, admire the world from a different angle and embrace the unknown.