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The Kindling personal digital assistant for travellers

Free your eyes from the screen, explore more of the world, and enhance your travel experience with your own personal open source, self-hosted digital assistant.

How does a personal digital assistant work?

Envision a powerful combination of existing tools, working in harmony to create an open source assistant under your control.

Explore our interactive map of the anatomy of a personal digital assistant.

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Data is destiny

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A trusted travel companion

Imagine having a personal digital assistant who knows everything about you, helps you manage your travel plans seamlessly, and acts as your trusted travel companion in any new destination.

Your assistant is dedicated solely to serving your needs and it's securely hosted on your own device, ensuring the privacy of your personal data.

The personal digital assistant for travellers - how can it benefit you?

Open source, self-hosted digital assistants empower you to take control of your data, but they also add more convenience to your life and your travels.

How a personal digital assistant can enhance your travel experience:

  • Plan and book your trip effortlessly based on your needs and budget
  • Discover unique and exciting places off the beaten path
  • Enjoy seamless navigation and never get lost again in a new place
  • Have a travel guide that's always available for you
  • Get personalised suggestions based on your interests and preferences
  • Dive into local history, uncover fascinating stories, and immerse yourself in the local culture
  • Take advantage of suggested opportunities to meet and engage with locals and other travellers
  • ...and much more.

We've put together some real life examples in order to show you how your personal digital assistant can take your travel experience to the next level.

Real life example #1

Exploring an island (Croatia)

Real life example #2

Exploring a new city (Bucharest)

Real life example #3

Booking a flight

Here is an example of how someone would book a flight using a generic conversation-based flight booking app (it takes longer than necessary):

Here is an example of how someone would book a flight using their personal digital assistant (faster and more convenient):

The personal digital assistant - not just for travel

Your personal digital assistant can help you with a wide variety of daily tasks, handle important communication, manage your schedule, and help you prepare for your meetings. It can also help you achieve your long term goals by keeping you motivated and suggesting the best strategies and the most effective steps to take.

Find out more details about our personal digital assistants for individuals and companies.