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Let's work together to offer our travellers the best experiences in the destinations they're visiting.

Kindling is a decentralised travel company — but what does that mean? In the context of the travel industry, decentralisation can mean reducing the power of dominant players like large online travel agencies (OTAs) and empowering smaller, local players to compete and offer unique experiences to travelers.

How our business model works

Become part of our network of travel hosts, local guides, ambassadors, tour operators and suppliers and join our efforts to turn our dream of making travel as accessible, fair and sustainable as possible into a reality. We are constantly on the lookout for amazing people, projects and businesses who share our values and passion for travel. Learn more about how we can work together here:

Work with us

Accommodation, activity, and food & beverage suppliers

It is part of our mission to fortify and give a platform to small businesses, projects and independent people doing amazing things in destinations across the world.

Are you a small, locally owned hotel, an independent tour guide, a surf school or an amazing restaurant we should know about? Do you organise events or are you working for a social project? Whether you are offering slacklining experiences, nature hikes or dance classes, if you believe we should know about you, then please get in touch!

There are numerous ways you can get featured on our platform. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Get featured on our destination pages:

We feature hand-picked accommodations, restaurants, activities and experiences on our platform.

If you would like us to consider featuring you on one of our destination pages, please get in touch and tell us why.

2. Become connected to one of our trips:

When designing trips, we help our ambassadors and travel designers choose suppliers that suit their needs and priorities. And it could be that we are looking for exactly the thing you are offering.

If we have you in our database, we will consider adding you as a supplier for one or more of our trips.

3. Get featured as a bucket list experience:

We are constantly on the lookout for “bucket list experiences”. If the activity or experience you offer is truly one of a kind, we will add a bucket list idea that is directly connected to your experience to our list of bucket list experiences.

4. Become an active member in our travelpods:

By joining the travelpod of your destination or becoming a local guide, you can connect with travellers interested in what you have to offer.

What we offer

  • A digital platform where you can promote your services
  • Access to a worldwide community of travellers
  • Feature on our platform and social media
  • Direct communication to people interested in what you are offering via our travelpods
  • Our community is based on trust. As we only add trustworthy suppliers and people to our platform that meet our criteria of quality, being featured on our platform will identify you as a trustworthy source for our customers
  • A community of past, present and potential future customers around what we are offering
  • Local Guide Badge for verified local guides who meet our standards of quality and trust
  • Coming up soon: The possibility to sell your service directly via our platform

What we expect

  • Transparent communication and reliability regarding your service
  • We have a strict “no spamming policy” in our travelpods. This means you should only offer your service to people who have clearly expressed they are looking for exactly that.
  • We are particularly interested in featuring suppliers who offer truly unique experiences and have a positive social and environmental impact

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