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Camel riders in the Sahara Desert, Morocco © Vaida Tamosauskaite

Kindling is a decentralised travel company — but what does that mean? In the context of the travel industry, decentralisation can mean reducing the power of dominant players like large online travel agencies (OTAs) and empowering smaller, local players to compete and offer unique experiences to travelers.

How our business model works

Become part of our network of travel hosts, local guides, ambassadors, tour operators and suppliers and join our efforts to turn our dream of making travel as accessible, fair and sustainable as possible into a reality. We are constantly on the lookout for amazing people, projects and businesses who share our values and passion for travel. Learn more about how we can work together here:

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Kindling travel hosts

Are you passionate about travel and looking for flexible, commission-based work?

Help us take travel into the 21st century by becoming a Kindling travel host.

What is a Kindling travel host?

In order to make sure that every trip we sell goes smoothly, we rely on a network of travel hosts, each of whom takes responsibility for a particular trip.

You will be responsible for answering questions, communicating with suppliers, and helping to solve any problems that may come up.

But being a travel host is much more than your regular side-hustle. Our travel hosts serve as a bridge between worlds, helping to facilitate intercultural exchange and a deeper connection between travellers and their destinations.

What we offer

  • A booking and messaging system to facilitate your work
  • Training in how to use our platform
  • Flexible work hours and workload
  • Technical support
  • Promotion of your trip via our ambassadors
  • A percentage every time your trip gets sold
  • An additional commission if the traveller gives you a 5-star rating
  • Access to a worldwide community of travel lovers, locals, and other travel hosts

What the role involves

As a travel host, you take responsibility for a particular trip.

This means that you are not only the go-to point for any questions or problems that travellers may have, but are also responsible for the communication with suppliers.

For this reason, reliability, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and the ability to work independently are essential to being a good travel host.

Your responsibilities

  • Answering questions in the travelpod connected to the trip
  • Communicating with suppliers (accommodation, tour operators, local guides, etc.) when a traveller books a trip
  • Serving as the first contact point for any questions or problems a traveller or supplier might encounter
  • Giving advice and recommendations to the traveller
  • Connecting the traveller to local guides as needed
  • Building strong, positive relationships with everyone connected to making a trip come to life

Interested? If you would like to become a travel host or have any questions, feel free to get in touch.