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We make it easy to book and customise a trip to your dream destination, create your own bucket list and connect to other like-minded travellers

"From the moment you step off the plane, Croatia feels like a dream come true. Our trip around the islands was a magical journey – thrilled that we chose Kindling when we did."

Anouk Anansi

Ready for take off? Make your bucket list dreams come true by booking one of our unique trips designed by influencers and locals. Talk to a travel consultant in the travelpods to customise your itinerary.

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Looking for adventure that's out of this world? Kindling has got your covered with our planet-wide selection of over 200 destinations. Discover exciting things you can do in each one and get inspired for your next journey.

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Ready to dream? Kindling features more than 100 unique bucket list ideas to get you inspired for your next adventure. Click on the heart icon to save a particular bucket list experience to your personalised travel bucket list.

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Why book with Kindling?

Trips designed by humans

Kindling is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for travellers to connect, share information, and plan their next trip.

We believe in unique travel experiences that allow you to connect deeply to the places you are visiting. This is why we have decided to ask our favourite travel influencers, artists, and inspiring locals to design a trip to their favourite destination or home country.

Making travel fun again

We at Kindling love to travel, but we also know that organising a trip can be a big hassle. Instead of needing to go across multiple websites and platforms in order to research, plan, and book your trip, we made it easy for you to do everything in one place (except booking your flights - as we grow, we will be integrating flights into our platform as well).

By making the process of finding and booking your next dream trip as simple as possible, you can focus on what’s truly important - going out into the world and experiencing it for yourself!

Win-win-win is in our DNA

We want every trip booked via our platform to be a positive experience for everybody involved. And this doesn't just include the traveller, but also the environment and the local population.

In our view, sustainability and a positive impact shouldn’t be an option or add-on. It should be in the DNA of every single trip you take. By prioritising partnerships with small local businesses, people and projects that share this vision, we aim to turn every single trip taken into a win-win-win for all involved.

A community of like-minded travellers

Kindling is more than just a travel app or agency. It is a community of travellers, travel experts, and local guides ready to answer any question you may have. But there is more. If you are looking for a travel companion or someone to join you on a particular activity, you can use Kindling to find your travel companion.

What are you waiting for? Join the tribe and help us bring travel into the 21st century!

We take our mission of turning travel into a win-win-win situation for all involved seriously. But we can’t do it alone. This is why we need you - the traveller - to serve as our eyes, ears, brains and hearts. Please get in touch with us if any of the aspects of a trip booked via Kindling does not meet our standards or if you see any room for improvement.

Also, please drop us a message if there are any projects, local businesses, people or amazing travel experiences with a positive social and/or environmental impact that we should know about. We are also grateful for any advice, recommendations and ideas about what we are trying to do.

How do YOU think the future of travel should look and what can we do to change travel in a positive way? Send us a message or tag @kindlingtrips in any content we should know about!